Cosmetic Dentistry

Η αισθητική των δοντιών σας

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Can you imagine yourself to have a much nicer smile than what nature gave you;

Can you imagine your teeth to be whiter, straight and with a harmonious size and shape that create a true “jewel” in the center of your face;

Can you imagine yourself to smile with confidence and pride;

If you’re wondering how to do this, it’s time to learn about the enormous potential of Smile Aesthetic procedures.

A series of techniques, (smile design, smile recontouring, bonding), that in conjunction with materials (resins, porcelain, ceramic, zirconia, titanium) and cutting edge technology (laser, CAD / CAM), can offer a dramatic change in ones appearance.

Smile aesthetics are the most artistic piece of Dental Science, because they go over the need for treatment and advance to meet the aesthetic needs of the individual.

It tackles a range of tasks aimed been grooming the individual, marching, ever, in the paths of science.

The Aesthetic Dentist is not just any dentist. Is a person who, after completing the overall dental studies, acquired special training to handle materials and techniques that will yield the maximum aesthetic effect.

And this, again, is not enough. The Aesthetic Dentist, except being a scientist and physician, is also necessarily an “artist” who will put his personal touch to a project and wants to capture the beauty with masterly manner.

He wants one more dose of talent and passion to pursue such a path as you must combine the correct doses of technocratic thought – primarily a doctor’s trait , along with impeccable taste and imagination, primarily an artist’s trait.

The result will shine in the recipient’s smile!

The term “cosmetic dentistry” is redundant nowadays. There is no dental practice, which does not take into account aesthetics and the needs of the patient in this matter.

Fortunately, developments in dental science was rapid. We were given many opportunities, tools and techniques so we can now talk about “absolute naturalness” and perfect imitation of the natural tissue, for results that can transform the appearance of a person .

It is a reality that we live in an age of image.

Now more than ever, appearance plays a key role in peoples lives. All research shows that success relies heavily on the appearance and has been shown that the good appearance is significantly positive impact on social, personal and professional life.

It is true that a “nice wrap” is not everything, but what we give to others as a first impression is an important “weapon” that increases your chances to win, in our relationships with others or to compete for a job .

People with good looks, are more confident, more social and have more charm those around them.

The center of our face is our smile It’s the first thing that someone who watches us notices and as such is the key element that will “touch” that person and make our appearance attractive.

If we look, we will notice that that all the beautiful faces around us, from film stars to the simple everyday person, have a bright, beautiful smile.

Good looks go hand in hand with a good smile, the eyes may be the mirror of the soul, but the smile is the key to confidence and success.