First Visit

Dental clinic

What to expect on your first visit to our office

Communication is the most important part of working with people who ask for our help.

Good doctor-patient communication will help us build a proper diagnosis and find an appropriate treatment plan that will meet the patient’s needs and requirements.

For this first visit, the patient fills in a complete history and discusses with the doctor to form a clear picture of the needs and obtain the best functional and aesthetic result.

History includes questions about past dental experiences, current status and expectations of the end result. At the same time, there are questions about the general health of the patient, interventions, medications that he may take, since dentistry is a medical practice that interacts with the rest of the body beyond the mouth.

A thorough examination of the mouth and the entire peritoneal area follows and usually a first oral cleansing is done to prepare it for subsequent appointments and reduce its microbial load.

Talking to a doctor is very important because it is the acquaintance that is needed through it. The reason; All our work is personalized and perfectly tailored to the needs of the individual. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and we take into account the personality, age, lifestyle and dreams of each person with the smile he or she wants to see in their mirror. We give a special basis to this and all the time it takes, because that is the beginning of a real relationship of appreciation and trust, as it should be the doctor’s relationship with his patient.

We welcome you to make your first appointment.